Juan’s Private Area

personal essays, ramblings, and observations. might get vulnerable, might get silly, it depends on the day.

*NEW* engaged after three dates: the urgency of modern love

go with me on this journey… of awkwardly cutting things off

*NEW* what the trans ban means to me

donald trump did it again!

how working with people with disabilities pulled me out of my funk

you guys, im in a totally different place.

a ghost story.

everyone loves a ghost story, right?

the sofia vergara effect: why i refuse to get rid of my accent.

call me sofia vergara, call me charo, it won’t change a thing

you look fatter in person… and other concerns

a slightly obsessive and self-serving exploration of an insecurity.

i’m not like all the other guys: lies i’ve told when dating

am i really that different from all the other guys out there? are any of us?

the struggle of loving to sing, but sounding like a dying cat

should my mediocre voice prevent me from singing?

suddenly unemployed: do’s and don’ts about quitting your job

c’mon! you’re already thinking about it

yes, i’m a 250-pound man and i’m wearing that crop top!

don’t you dare police my body! mmm-hmm.

please like my selfie! an ode to delusion

i promise i’m not as unlikeable as this makes me seem

why i hate (and love) being a hopeless romantic

prepare to roll your eyes

everytime the president tweets, an angel loses its wings.

should the president sell fit tea on social media?