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*NEW* Kesha’s Rainbow is a cathartic, therapeutic triumph

kesha’s new album thankfully delivered

*NEW* caitlyn jenner, please shut the fuck up!

caitlyn, can you please go away? k thanks bye

*NEW* guest contribution: nevertheless, we persisted. a tribute to sense8 

a passionate exploration of the cancellation and the future of sense8. all the way from michigan

*NEW* how kesha became one of my inspirations

kasha is pretty kickass

*NEW* my top ten music releases of 2017 so far 

tell me how mainstream i am

guest review: uncomfortable yet satisfying, “a ghost story” is a must

a fascinating review all the way from michigan

amy schumer, what went wrong girl?

amy schumer is having a rough year

‘lust for life’ becomes the singer’s lana-iest release yet.

this is so very lana del rey

the big sick reminds us why we shouldn’t pull the plug on rom-coms

review of the movie the big sick with commentary on the rom-com genre

katy perry, what went wrong girl?

katy is having a rough year

why deepthroat by cupcakke is actually the best song ever.

songs with message should be applauded.

con musas, natalia lafourcade me regreso a mis raices

una vulnerable critica a mi segundo disco favorito del 2017

no sophomore slump: with melodrama, lorde creates ‘purposeful pop’

a detailed music review of the best album of the year so far.

in beatriz at dinner, salma hayek gives a quiet tour de force

reviewing a remarkable salma hayek showcase

emmys 2017: surprises and snubs

take a look at my take on the emmy nominations!