juan’s weekly obsessions (week 3)

Every Tuesday, I will be providing a look into the things I simply can’t get over. These are ten random obsessions that you might share with me or maybe just won’t understand.

  1. Netflix’s GLOW
    • Netflix’s bright new gem about the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling is a fresh, inspired wonder. Set in the 80’s, the ensemble’s chemistry is similar to that of Orange is the New Black. With plenty of laughs, drama, and heartfelt moments, this strings another in a line of successful Netflix launches! Bring season 2!
  2. Allison Brie
    • This is Allison Brie’s time. The underrated actress that many of us love from Community, steals the show with her comedic timing, commitment to the role, and her dramatic chops. I smell a Golden Globe nomination this year, as well as Emmy recognition next year.
  3. Slime videos
    • Watching videos of people handle and review different kinds of slime on instagram is oddly satisfying. After buying slime for myself (saying it was for my niece) I realized that I like watching the videos but the product is not for me. Well, there’s always instagram.
  4. Vintage rock t-shirts
    • If this summer you see me rocking a Ramones, Def Leppard, Misfits, Korn, or any other rock band t-shirt, please don’t ask me whats my favorite song. I wear it strictly as a stylistic choice. Vintage rock t-shirts are definitely a fashion must-have!
  5. Turmeric
    • I’ve just recently discovered the magic of turmeric. I had a ginger drink that had a hint of turmeric and I discovered that the spice can be wonderful in many things. I tried warm milk with honey, turmeric, and cinnamon and it was so good, it wasn’t to die for, it was to die five, heeeeeeeyyyyy!
  6. Lust For Life
  7. Avocado toast variations
    • I know, I know! *insert eyeroll here* I’ve said before that I hated food trends, especially when it is millennial bullshit. But how can you not love this? It’s toast, it’s avocado, it’s magic! I love a good artisan bread toasted with a bit of butter, and topped with avocado, a bit of crumbly cotija cheese, and some Tapatio sauce. Try it and share with me your favorite avocado toast recipe!
  8. Kalamazoo, Michigan
    • I have never been to Kalamazoo. I know nothing about its history or attractions. In fact, I just recently realized its existence. Nevertheless, I love the name. I love saying Kalamazoo. It feels like a quirky, colorful city, full of people who dance on the streets. I want to go to there.
  9. UNHhhh
    • Who knew the only high class Russian whore and a real-life biological woman would have such great chemistry? YouTube “UNHhhh,” start from episode one and fall into a great streaming hole that will have you wondering: “OH HONNNEEEYYY! How did I not know about this HONNEEEYYYY!”
  10. Silicon Valley
    • My love for The Big Sick (review here) made me remember a show that I was obsessed with before and never continue watching, Silicon Valley. It’s a hilarious show about some nerds with big dreams and bad luck, in this app generation. This is how you do a show about nerds! (Sorry Big Bang Theory)

do you share any of my obsessions? what are you obsessed with this week?


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