juan’s dream journal (week 1)

I keep a dream journal next to my bed. Every time I have a bonkers, inspiring, or unusual dream, I write it down as soon as I wake up. I will be sharing a dream every week along with ten keywords from that dream. I will look up dream meanings for those words and share my own meaning to them. I will conclude with dream interpretations based on the internet meanings as well as my own meanings. It sounds complicated, boring, and a bit self-serving, but I always try to make things interesting.

June 09, 2017

The Dream

It was a dark summer night. I was running down a crowded city street holding hands with a beautiful stranger. She was a young, happy, Asian woman with red lips and long black hair. We were running through an alley laughing enthusiastically. We arrived at an underground club and just hit up the dance floor. The girl dancing with me suddenly grabs a dog from the dance floor and it instantly pees on her. We both laugh, she hands the dog over to the girl to her right, and everyone just keep handing over the dog to each other. We kept dancing.

After a while, we walked across the dance floor and went through a door in the club that lead us directly into a fast food place. We had ice cream and laughed while four other Asian strangers joined us. We said hi to each other and seemed to be good friends.

We got out of the fast food place and into the street of what appeared to be New York. We hot-wired and stole a truck and drove for a long time until we reached a forest. Once at the forest, we all scattered, I saw the dog from before on the ground so I picked it up and continued walking through the forest. As the forest ended, a beach started and its water was green.

Then, I woke up.

Keyword Dream Meanings

  1. Running.
    • “avoiding unpleasant situations; your failures will turn into successes.” (auntyflo.com’s meaning)
    • “treadmill!” (Juan’s meaning)
  2. Alley
    • “soon the time of relaxation will finish and you will need to start to work again.” (globe-news.com’s meaning)
    • “Kirstey Alley” (Juan’s meaning)
  3. Club
    • “symbol of excitement and good luck that is coming to you; perhaps a new relationship.” (dreamstop.com’s meaning)
    • “drinking.” (Juan’s meaning)
  4. Dancing
    • “dancing is a symbol of energetic life, invigorating passion, desire, deep feelings, and sexuality” (auntyflo.com’s meaning)
    • “Robyn’s Dancing on my Own” (Juan’s meaning)
  5. Dog Peeing
    • “a urinating dog can have a sexual significance and denotes some kind of stress. Maybe you have fears related to sexual activity and an urinating dog symbolizes that.” (dreamsnest.com’s meaning)
    • “stepping on dog pee” (Juan’s meaning)
  6. Stranger
    • “if they looked physically attractive, you could expect favorable occurrences.” (dreamlookup.com’s meaning)
    • “Wynona Ryder (Stranger Things)” (Juan’s meaning)
  7. Stealing
    • “being deprived; signifies unrealized and unfulfilled goals.” (dreammoods.com’s meaning)
    • “shoplifting” (Juan’s meaning)
  8. Forest
    • “being lost or confused” (dreamstop.com’s meaning)
    • “fire” (Juan’s meaning)
  9. Beach
    • “new beginnings” (auntyflo.com’s meaning)
    • “swimsuit” (Juan’s meaning)
  10. Green
    • “beneficial change, positive well-being, maturity.” (dreamforth.com’s meaning)
    • “Green Giant” (Juan’s meaning)

Final Interpretations

Detailed internet meaning:

Don’t get involved in unpleasant situations. They just add an extra layer of drama that you don’t need in your life. You might be failing at life at the moment, but you should know that success is on the way. But, in order to get that success, you need to be productive so that you can reap what you sow. You should open yourself up to excitement and something great will come your way. Remember not to focus on your sexual frustrations and start guiding your energy elsewhere. Feelings of confusion or being lost are valid but know that new positive beginnings are on the horizon.

Detailed Juan Meaning:

Look at yourself Juan, you need to get your shit together! Get on that treadmill! You are looking like Kirstey Alley! But instead of being healthy, you’re probably going to go get wasted (shocker!). You’re going to be a mess with your shoes on your hand, dancing outside the club to “Dancing on my Own” with your friend Anastasia again. On the way to your car you’ll step on dog pee and you’re going to pretend it’s water, but you’ll know its not. Your life is just one bad decision after the next. You’re just one shoplifting arrest away from being Wynona Ryder on her messy years. Get it together before you end up getting fire(d). Swimsuit season is upon us! MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES! You better put down those Hot Cheetos, and eat some Green Giant veggies instead.

Which interpretation should I choose?

DM me your dreams, and I’ll interpret them, FOR FREE!



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