everytime the president tweets, an angel loses its wings.

Twitter is not for everyone. Most moms definitely don’t belong there. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna just proved last week that maybe Twitter is not for them. Hell, I don’t even belong there! Everyone knows I’m a talker and I’ve been known to be that person who sends an essay as a text response. Reducing my thoughts to 140-characters or less is so difficult that I always end up not posting at all. I wish President Trump had that same issue.

I am not proud to admit this, but for almost all year now, I’ve been deliberately avoiding U.S. news. This is a statement that embarrasses me because it makes me feel like a sore loser. Like, the election didn’t go the way I wanted, so my reaction is to not watch the news. To just avoid something that is not convenient for you is such an irresponsible and millennial reaction. But, to be completely honest, analyzing the current state of U.S. politics was negatively affecting me in an emotional level and creating mental distress. It was very disheartening to wake up every single morning to new Trump fights, petty tweets, and frightening facts about the future of the country. Looking at Ivanka, Conway, Spicer, Bannon, and company all stand by and encourage unpresidential behavior was truly making me sick. So I decided to just avoid it and get my news from Buzzfeed and E! But sadly, I quickly realized that like that Despacito song, the president was impossible to avoid.

The problem for me was that even if I was avoiding CNN, MSNBC, Fox News (I’ve always avoided that), and other news outlets, I wasn’t taking into consideration than rather than a political figure, Donald Trump is a cultural phenomenon. The president would always be on entertainment news by getting into fights with news anchors. He would always be on Instagram via all the memes circulating around his every action or word. And his tweets, would always be trending topics on Twitter. Whether he was tweeting about fake news, the now infamous Covfefe, attacking women (Megyn Kelly, Carly Fiorina, Mika Brzezinski, etc.), or posting dank memes of him physically attacking a news organization, one thing was clear, Twitter is not for the president.

I understand the importance of politics in social media. Social media is crucial for politicians for recruiting, motivating, and informing supporters. It is a very effective method to get a point across or to spread the word about events, rallies, and important issues. But when politicians use social media to instigate fear, create hate, plant conspiracies, and to publically shame non-supporters, they become no better than your cousin Jessica talking shit about her baby daddy on a spelling-challenged Facebook rant. Politicians (especially the president) can’t be on the same level as 16-year old George fighting his “haters” on Twitter. Every time the president comments on a woman’s appearance or plastic surgery, every time he calls someone names (phony, psycho, low-IQ, fake, etc.), every time he retweets something that instigates hate or violence, I weep for the future.

So as a society, what can we do to stop the president from tweeting?


We can’t prevent the president from speaking his mind (however rational it is) on his personal Twitter account. What we can do, is to not pay attention to his account. The less we as a society engage in the promotion of unpresidential behavior, the less effective it eventually becomes. The moment we stop treating the president like a Kardashian, he’ll probably stop acting like one. But most importantly, as a society, it is crucial to guide the young people around us, to promote ethical behavior in social media vessels and to stay informed from reliable sources. After writing this article, I bow to go back to reading the news every morning. As any adult with a powerful voice, I can’t afford to be uninformed, so I will stop watching E! for compelling journalism and you should too!


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