juan’s weekly obsessions

Every Tuesday, I will be providing a look into the things I simply can’t get over. These are ten random obsessions that you might share with me or maybe just won’t understand. Either way, take a look!

  1. America’s Got Talent- AGT is the quintessential feel-good show. Whenever I am in a bad mood after work or a long day, there is nothing more comforting than a new episode of America’s Got Talent showing. The new addition of Tyra Banks’ grounded charisma is a refreshing change from Nick Cannon’s zany personality. AGT definitely presses my golden buzzer.
  2. 4:44, Jay Z- Jay Z is back! His first album in four years feels fresh and revelatory coming off the heels of Beyoncé’s intimate masterpiece Lemonade. With visual aids and surprising collaborations, 4:44 feels like the most human Jay-Z album ever. Review coming up.
  3. Will & Grace binging- Beaming with anticipation for the revival, I decided to binge watch the series from the start. Currently on season one rediscovering the chemistry of the talented foursome.
  4. Midnight Mint Frappuccino– Starbucks new frappuccinos are probably amongst their best new flavors. The mint crystals really mix well with the dark chocolate flavors of the base. Keep it on the menu Starbucks!
  5. Despacito Fatigue- ugh, I’m over this song. NEXT!
  6. Rihanna’s aesthetic in Wild Thoughts video– this number should be Rihanna’s aesthetic, period. Rihanna is a goddess amongst us basic earthlings, so just watch the video (on mute if you can’t stand DJ Khaled screaming out his name every 20 seconds) and bask in all the RIRI glory.
  7. Having great movies currently playing- The Big Sick will finally start showing this weekend at my local theaters! I also need to watch and review Baby Driver and Spiderman: Homecoming. Yay for great movie options!
  8. Amazon Prime Day Deals- Amazon, just take all my money already! How sneaky it is of the site to offer amazing deals and actually make me consider buying an Amazon Echo!
  9. XO Tour Llif3, Lil Uzi Vert- the spelling of the song and the artist frankly make me feel ridiculous for liking it. But that boasting chorus with the simple “all my friends are dead, push me to the edge” makes for an infectious counter-option to a very Chainsmokers summer.
  10. The One With Ross’ Tan, Friends episode- in what arguably is the best Friends episode ever, all the major characters get to play. Monica and Phoebe are avoiding their fake British friend Amanda (the delicious Jennifer Coolidge). Rachel and Joey are powering through the awkwardness of their hookup. Ross is failing miserably at tanning. Oh, and Chandler gets pedicures!

do you share any of my obsessions? what are you obsessed with this week?

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